Kendrick Perkins eviscerates Celtics for temporarily falling out of playoffs (Video)

Celtics guard Jaylen Brown. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Celtics guard Jaylen Brown. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

Kendrick Perkins absolutely destroyed the Celtics for their lackluster effort against the Hawks, calling out Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown specifically.

If you happen to have any fireproof clothing, put it on now because Kendrick Perkins was spitting flames at the Celtics after their latest loss to the Hawks on Wednesday night.

Appearing on NBC Sports Boston, Perkins went in on just about every aspect of the team, calling out Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown for their lack of effort and leadership.

“The only way they can go is up. If they decide to go up,” Perkins started relatively calmly. Then he picked up a head of steam and was off on an epic rant.

Kendrick Perkins pulled no punches criticizing the Celtics

“Here’s the problem I have; it’s just no heart,” he said. “It starts with Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Tonight all I saw from Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown was bad body language, shooting up a whole lot of shots, complaining to the referees, not playing any time of defense.”

He accused the veterans on the team of having “no fight whatsoever.”

“To me, [Tatum and Brown are] satisfied with just making the All-Star game,” he added.

The only thing head coach Brad Stevens got right, according to Perkins, was subbing out the veterans with bench players who brought a bit more energy to the floor. While Tatum had 13 points and Brown finished with 17, Aaron Nesmith, Carsen Edwards and Tremont Waters had double-digits off the bench.

The 127-112 loss to Atlanta was “all about effort and willpower” from Perkins’ perspective.

Perkins pointed to the 38 points Danilo Gallinari had as a sign of how listless the Celtics were.

“Are you kidding me? That made me want to get back on the treadmill and the elliptical and get back in shape because if he’s out there doing that, I know I could go out there and at least 10 rebounds,” Perkins said. “The Celtics made him look like an All-Star tonight. It’s just ridiculous.”

He didn’t stop there, presenting a message to the team: “No one is going to feel sorry for you.”

“This performance tonight was unacceptable and this was the worst loss of the season just because of the effort,” he said.

It’s bad enough to have fallen out of the playoff spots, but to get utterly taken to task by a former NBA Champion should pour salt to the wound.

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