Braves’ financial hardships are very, very real

Atlanta Braves. (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)
Atlanta Braves. (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) /

While the Atlanta Braves had a great year on the field, they took a beating financially in 2020.

The Atlanta Braves are expected to contend for a World Series again in 2021, but they are in rough shape when it comes to their finances.

According to Tim Tucker of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “The Braves’ revenue declined by 63 percent, falling from a franchise-record $476 million in 2019 to $178 million in 2020, as a result of a shortened season played without fans.” With no fan attendance, the Braves’ owners Liberty Media says revenue fell nearly $300 million. What are the lingering effects of COVID-19?

Mid-market Atlanta was not afforded to spend big in 2021 MLB free agency

The Braves are one of a few teams in the MLB owned by a corporation rather than an individual. This has been the case since Ted Turner sold to Time Warner at the turn of the century. There is no coincidence as to why the Braves had not won a postseason series since Turner sold the club up until last season. It is hard to hold a corporation accountable for the collective actions of many.

While the Braves usually dominate on their regional sports network, win or lose, it did not help offset the rampant losses at the gate. This massive decline in revenue contributed to the Braves not being the biggest of spenders in 2021 MLB free agency. Not doing so may have knocked the Braves down to the third-best team in the National League behind the San Diego Padres for 2021.

Financial ramifications would be a lame way to slam this core’s championship window shut.

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