Angel Hernandez was crushed by Cardinals’ broadcast in first spring training game (Video)

Angel Hernandez, MLB. (Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)
Angel Hernandez, MLB. (Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports) /

The St. Louis Cardinals’ broadcast team of Dan McLaughlin and Jim Edmonds are roasting home plate umpire Angel Hernandez in the first game of spring training.

Leave it to the St. Louis Cardinals‘ broadcast team to tell us Angel Hernandez is back on his B.S.

We are only one day into 2021 MLB spring training and the Cardinals’ telecast tandem of Dan McLaughlin and Jim Edmonds are already destroying Hernandez’s inability to tell the difference between balls and strikes. Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty thought he got one across, Hernandez decided his offering was a ball. McLaughlin and Edmonds were so beside themselves over it.

“Angel Hernandez is in mid-season form,” said McLaughlin.

“Let’s not make this game too fast, Angel,” commented Edmonds.

Angel Hernandez’s strike zone continues to be a total mystery to everyone

This is not the first time Hernandez has made mistakes behind the plate and it sure will not be the last. What is funny is McLaughlin already claiming the umpire to be “in mid-season form.” Edmonds backing up his broadcasting colleague on Hernandez’s intention to slow the game down was hysterical. Naturally, this moment had Baseball Twitter in mid-season form as well.

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As the story goes, if a casual baseball fan knows your name as an umpire, that is not a good thing. It signifies that you have blown a call or two in your life. The more often your name comes up, the worse it is going to be for you in the upcoming news cycle. We watch baseball games for the players, not for the umpires. Anytime we give them any extra attention, it is never for the positive.

Hernandez owes a strike to Flaherty in a game that counts at some point in the 2021 MLB season.