25 best college football fan atmospheres

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college football tailgating

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Ranking the best fan experiences in college football.

This college football season was different than literally any other season in history. It was missing that feeling that comes with the college football experience. There was no tailgating. Some places had no fans at all. The experience was completely different, and for the most part, it was worse. One day, hopefully soon, the college football experience will be back in full swing.

There’s so much that makes the college football experience like nothing else in sports. The fans feel ownership of their alma mater. That leads to more excitement for big plays and more anguish for big losses.

Fans come in droves sometimes from a hundred miles away every weekend to tailgate in RVs or party on the street lined with partying college students. There’s the food and the bars and the decorations and the entire atmosphere that is a college football game. It’s so much more than three hours of an athletic contest. It’s everything for these college campuses.

Football can fund college programs, other sports, and even entire charity programs. Football is life for dozens of college campuses across the country. With that much on the line, it’s no wonder that no matter the current team’s record, the fans come out and cheer as hard as they can.

So, when looking at who has the best experience in college football, there are several factors in play. It’s the fans, the stadium, the tailgating experience (which includes the food before and after the game), and the physical game experience. Is this something that football fans have to see before they die? Will fans leave this day as one of the best days of their life? That is the bar here. College football provides unforgettable experiences, and there are some universities that are just better at it than others.

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