Robin Lopez is not interested in your ‘arrogantly healthy’ salads

Robin Lopez, Washington Wizards. (Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)
Robin Lopez, Washington Wizards. (Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports) /

In case you were wondering, Robin Lopez is a Thousand Island percent not a salad guy.

Fate would have it, the same 7-footer who hates NBA mascots is not a fan of salads either. Robin Lopez let the world know how he really feels about mixed greens when it comes to room service.

The Washington Wizards big man has big opinions about darn near everything. For as much as he despises mascots, and now apparently salad, he loves all things Disney and comic books. The Lopez Twin is living proof that you can be on the wrong side of 30 and still be a kid at heart. So if Lopez is ordering room service, expect the last thing he will eat is an “arrogantly healthy” salad.

“I generally will not order a salad,” said Lopez to The Ringer’s Rob Mahoney. “I guess I haven’t tried an extremely pro-salad diet, but just glancing at it from the outside, it doesn’t seem like it would do a lot for me. It almost seems like egregiously healthy, arrogantly healthy. I’m ordering a salad, look at me, look how healthy I’m being.”

Not even delicious croutons or ham will do it for Robin Lopez at a salad bar

Look, if we could all eat Cheetos for breakfast and have pancakes for dinner, that would be a wonderful thing. Too bad we all had metabolisms and our bodies crave something called nutrients. Ron Swanson may have never wanted to eat the food that his food eats, but consuming a strictly red-meat diet is not going to let you play basketball professionally into your 30s and beyond that.

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While Lopez may not be lining up for romaine and cabbage at a Walt Disney World resort salad bar buffet, maybe he does have a point? Being healthy is cool, but being “arrogantly healthy” is the antithesis of that. Chris Traeger literally could not handle the fact his co-worker Ron’s ketchup and meat burger tasted better than his frivolous turkey concoction. He was being “arrogantly healthy.”

The next time you see someone being “arrogantly healthy”, do what you do best and treat yo self.