Tom Brady delivers an epic slam of Jets on James Corden’s show

Tom Brady believes James Corden has what it takes to play for the New York Jets.

If James Corden is limber enough to dance with the Laker Girls alongside Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady thinks the late night talk show host might be good enough to suit up for the New York Jets.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion is clearly trolling his former division rival, but this is hilarious for everybody who does not root for Gang Green on fall Sundays. It does not matter if Corden grew up on the other side of the pond, he is a multi-talented individual who can be the best thing to happen to the Jets since Joe Namath’s guarantee.

Tom Brady plays in the NFC these days and still owns the flightless New York Jets

Decades of dysfunction have led the Jets to being one of the worst organizations in football. They rip through head coaches like Earl Campbell did through tearaway jerseys for the then-Houston Oilers back in the early 1980s. More often than not, they make the wrong pick in the NFL Draft. When they do make a wise selection, the wise selection quickly wants out of Dodge yesterday.

So what position could Corden play for the Jets? Does it really matter? He can just be a footballer out there, pretending he is on the pitch for West Ham United or something. Corden can be a kicker, holder, clipboard holder or just a dang spirit animal and it would not make a world of difference. The only thing he will improve on the Jets is the overall comedic factor for the sad state of affairs.

Once the Jets are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, sign Corden to the practice squad.