NBA rumors: 5 teams that should be selling at the NBA trade deadline

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As the 2021 NBA Trade Deadline approaches, the following five teams should be sellers.

The 2021 NBA Trade Deadline is nearly upon us, and as trade season heats up, it’s always worth asking which teams should be considered buyers and which are more likely to be sellers.

For playoff-caliber teams, younger squads hoping to work their way into a bottom-rung playoff spot or even the established title contenders, entering the trade deadline as buyers makes the most sense. Whether it’s a blockbuster trade or a move on the margins of the roster, one acquisition can swing the balance of a wide-open title race for teams in the buyer category.

For some teams near the bottom of the league standings, however, they’ll be the ones providing the players that could make all the difference for the teams at the top — usually in return for younger players or future draft picks. The NBA bottom-dwellers are going nowhere fast, so turning their expiring contracts, disgruntled stars or older veterans into assets of some kind is the most pragmatic approach.

Bearing all that in mind, it’s time to take a look at which five teams are most likely to be sellers heading into the March 25 deadline.