Potential EA Sports College Football video game release date revealed

EA Sports College Football has a target release date which makes the return of the beloved video game franchise all the more real.

Time to mark your calendars college sports and video game fans. July 2023 is the targeted release window for EA Sports College Football.

Matt Brown of Extra Points reported the date, which he obtained in an Open Records request for internal documentation relating to the highly-anticipated video game.

The wait for EA Sports College Football has an end date

The bad news is that’s a long wait for the return of college football video games.

Obviously, the date isn’t set in stone. The records Brown received included the pitch EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company gave to programs. While EA Sports may want to aim for 2023, the game could get pushed back for any number of reasons.

The good news is a longer wait is probably going to be worth it. Multiple blue blood programs have indicated they aren’t planning to participate in the reboot of the NCAA Football franchise. There is still too much uncertainty around the role of Name, Image, and Likeness legislation in college sports.

A 2023 release will give EA, CLC, and NCAA programs time to figure out the best way to dole out profits. A licensing agreement giving players a piece of the pie within the NIL framework is essential to getting the game off the ground. After all, the last iteration of a college football video game was stopped because of image and likeness disputes.

Brown’s reporting also included some fun goodies to increase the anticipation of the game. EA is requesting permission to scan stadiums, uniforms, mascots, trophies, and other traditions “for authenticity.” That means fans can potentially look forward to accurate portrayals of “Rambling Wreck, UGA, Tommy Trojan, Bevo, etc.”

Whenever the new game arrives, it should be full of the real-life pageantry of college football. Until then, the wait continues.

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