Jayson Tatum comments on Brad Stevens-Indiana buzz

Jayson Tatum addressed some of the buzz surrounding Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens and the Indiana Hoosiers new opening.

The Indiana Hoosiers fired Archie Miller to start the week and fans immediately started linking current Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens to the position. He is an Indiana native who spent over a decade with the Butler Bulldogs before making the jump to the NBA in 2013.

But would Stevens even entertain the idea? One of his star players, Jayson Tatum, spoke with FanSided’s Mark Carman recently and addressed the topic.

Jayson Tatum not sure how to address Brad Stevens-Indiana connection

“I have no idea how to answer that question,” Tatum said. “I mean I’m sure, for personal reasons, that would be cool. But as far as I know, Brad loves being with the Celtics and loves his job here. So I don’t think he’s focused on that.”

Tatum was put on the spot a bit and it is understandable he wouldn’t be sure how to answer a question about his head coach jumping ship to return to the college game. But he did acknowledge the fact it would be “cool” for Stevens to return to his home state and take the Hoosiers job.

This link between Stevens and Indiana is not something he created. The excitement is made simply by connecting the dots and fans imagining what a homecoming would look like for the former Butler coach.

The Celtics head coach has plenty of job security in Boston and has taken his team to the Conference Finals on three separate occasions. He has a nice core of stars on his team and it may take a total rift or collapse for the front office to consider moving on.

Tatum seems to believe his head coach loves his job. That is good for Celtics fans to hear as Stevens has instilled a culture of stability during his tenure.

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