UCLA moneyline bettors went on a rollercoaster of emotions at the end of the Gonzaga game

Bettors rooting for UCLA thought they had it but were ultimately disappointed in the end, thanks to Gonzaga. 

Theme parks may be closed right now, but that didn’t stop UCLA and Gonzaga from taking bettors on a roller coaster.

After Johnny Juzang made a layup to tie UCLA’s Final Four clash with Gonzaga with mere seconds left in overtime, bettors who took the underdog Bruins moneyline before the game were in moods of joy.

Well, that is until what took place next.

With one second on the clock, Gonzaga’s Jaylen Suggs fired the shot of the tournament to win the game 93-90 and not only send the Bulldogs to the National Championship but end the Bruins remarkable run from the First Four to the Final Four.

Needless to say, bettors were extremely disappointed as they had endured a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the game, only to fall short in the end.

Judging from their reaction, there had to be big money on the game if they were that disappointed about what took place in the waning seconds.

UCLA’s bettors are undoubtedly disappointed, but they ought to give props to the Bruins for what they did accomplish.

The way that the UCLA Bruins played on Saturday, you could not tell that they were an 11-seed. Additionally, what they did to give Gonzaga their biggest scare of the season makes it worth placing a bet on them to win, despite losing at the last moment.

Juzang was dominant from tip-off, scoring 29 points, and Jaime Jacquez Jr pitched in 19 points in the losing effort. Additionally, sophomore Tyger Campbell added 17 points through very effective shooting. The Bruins proved that their wins against Michigan State, BYU, Abilene Christian, Alabama, and finally Michigan were not a fluke. Also, they held the lead for a substantial time against Gonzaga.

Bettors will be very disappointed for sure, but in retrospect, the fact that a wager was even placed on this game considering what it was initially thought to be was a wise choice. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, but bright days lie ahead for UCLA.