Former Steeler Mike Hilton has a message for ungrateful fans in Pittsburgh

Mike Hilton signed with the Cincinnati Bengals this offseason, and Pittsburgh Steelers fans aren’t happy.

NFL Free Agency is as relevant as ever, and fans everywhere are adjusting on the fly to seeing their favorite players in new colors. It’s rare for one player to spend his entire career with one team, though signing with a rival is always bold. Steelers fans aren’t happy with Mike Hilton for that very reason, and he opted to take the conflict head-on.

Hilton was a Steeler for four years, as he caught on as an undrafted free agent after a brief stint with the Jaguars. With Pittsburgh, he developed into one of the best slot corners in all of football, and was paid like an impact player by the Bengals. The Steelers opted not to pony up, and it cost them.

Mike Hilton doesn’t want to hear from angry Steelers fans

Hilton will fit right in with the Bengals, and it seems he’s embracing the other side of this rivalry. Steelers fans are notoriously loyal, and when a player leaves, let along for a rival, Pittsburgh tends to hold a grudge.

Yet, it was always unrealistic to expect Hilton to stay in the Steel City. The Steelers entered the offseason with virtually no cap space, and that number got marginally better when Ben Roethlisberger reworked his contract. Hilton was deemed expendable, especially with the number of players Pittsburgh needed to re-sign.

Hilton is ready to move on to the next chapter in his career. From humble beginnings, Pittsburgh will always have a spot in Hilton’s heart, but not if Steelers fans continue to come at him for no reason.