Mecole Hardman recruited to Raiders by superfan Damian Lillard

Mecole Hardman would have a new superfan is he took his talents to Las Vegas: Raiders supporter Damian Lillard.

Lillard grew up in the Oakland area, so it’s not surprising that he’s doing some recruiting on his team’s behalf. Dame Dolla doesn’t have a team to recruit to near Portland, so he’s stuck with his childhood fandom and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman is the latest target of Lillard. While Hardman is a division rival, Lillard is banking on the fact that he’s undervalued in Kansas City, and perhaps one day when free agency hits, he’ll want to take his talents elsewhere.

Hardman wanted a follow back, but it’ll come at a price.

The Raiders-Chiefs rivalry is in full swing out West

The Raiders were among the only teams the Chiefs struggled against in the regular season last year. In fact, they were one of their two losses on the campaign. While the AFC West goes through Kansas City for the foreseeable future, the Raiders like to think they might have a say in that.

Hardman’s contract is up after the 2022 season. That gives him plenty of time to adjust to the idea of playing in Raiders’ colors, and upsetting one of the most passionate fanbases in all of football. Leaving the Super Bowl favorites is no easy act, especially with Patrick Mahomes under contract for the next decade-plus.

Yet, there’s a chance Hardman’s services would be more well-utilized in Vegas with Derek Carr. In Kansas City, he’ll always be a solid No. 2 to Tyreek Hill, even in the speed department.

I’m not here to convince anyone. Just some food for thought for Hardman over the next few seasons.