Cowboys drafting Kyle Pitts would give them ‘best offense in NFC’

If the Dallas Cowboys want to break the NFL, then one NFL Draft insider has the prefect plan. 

After a terrible season that fans in Dallas will quickly try to forget, the Cowboys future is already looking bright.

Dak Prescott is back on the field and working his way back from a devastating ankle injury, and all indications are that he’ll be better than ever. Dallas swapped out Mike Nolan for the architect of Seattle’s Legion of Boom, hiring Dan Quinn in what is possibly the best move of the offseason.

Now as attention turns towards the NFL Draft, the Cowboys are in a position to take things even further as they prepare for a revenge tour in 2021.

 Cowboys: Dallas drafting Kyle Pitts would break the NFL

ESPN NFL Draft insider Matt Miller noted that if the Cowboys added Florida tight end Kyle Pitts, it would give Dak command of the best offense in football.

“If you add Kyle Pitts to that offense, no disrespect to Tampa Bay, that’s the best offense in the NFC,” Miller said on Get Up. “If you add in the LeBron James of tight end prospects in Kyle Pitts, I don’t know how you stop Dallas.”

That’s bold, but he’s not entirely wrong.

Up to this point, among all the hysteria surrounding quarterbacks in the Top 10, the Cowboys are almost universally expected to lean defense. After all, the Dallas defense was among the worst we’ve seen in the last handful of years and Quinn’s presence suggests that the team will be investing heavily to rectify that.

But as quarterback soak up top slots, highly talented offensive skill position players will undoubtedly fall. Dallas is in a primo spot to get the top defensive player on the board at No. 10 overall but if Pitts slides to them — which it appears he might — adding a George Kittle-type target for Dak’s offense seems like a no-brainer.

Think about the weapons the offense would have for Dak’s return. Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb are an electric duo, and Zeke Elliott is likely going to play with a fire to prove he’s a top back in the league. Add to that a young Pitts and all of a sudden the Dallas offense — one that already stayed in shootouts as currently constructed — sounds pretty unstoppable.