Mets win on most embarrassing HBP in baseball history (Video)

There’s plenty of controversy at Citi Field, as the New York Mets beat the Marlins on a ridiculous walk-off hit by pitch. 

Thursday’s tilt between the New York Mets and Miami Marlins is going to be talked about for the rest of the year, but for all the wrong reasons. That’s because the Mets were just gifted a win in one of the worst calls you’ll ever see.

With the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, New York’s Michael Conforto was at the dish. Well, on a 1-2 count, he clearly leaned in and was hit by a pitch. The ump completely blew the call, though, and gave New York the victory. Unreal.

The Mets were gifted a win on one of the worst calls you’ll ever see

As you can see from the video above, Conforto clearly leaned into the strike zone on that delivery from Miami pitcher Anthony Bass. Even so, the call was that Conforto was hit by the pitch and the runner from third scored. That’s your ball game, Mets win.

Marlins manager Don Mattingly was understandably furious with this decision. On which planet was this a legal play by Conforto? Everyone on social media is fuming with this call and rightfully so. With the win, the Mets are now 2-2 on the season.

For the Marlins, Thursday’s loss only adds to what’s been a horrific start to the 2021 campaign, as the team is now 1-6. You never want to see a game end this way either. Don’t be surprised to see Mattingly and Marlins players call out this terrible decision later on Thursday. To have a potential win snatched away from you like this is unacceptable. The umps who called the Mets-Marlins showdown simply have to be better.