Jeopardy! producer thinks Aaron Rodgers might be a better game show host than quarterback

One Jeopardy! producer thinks Aaron Rodgers could have a long career as a game show host.

Aaron Rodgers is back on television screens Monday night. He will just be in a suit instead of football pads as his second week of guest-hosting Jeopardy! airs.

Rodgers has gotten great reviews so far and truly appears comfortable in this new role. One producer even revealed in an interview with Peter King that he believes Rodgers could have a successful second career outside of football.

Jeopardy! producer believes in Aaron Rodgers as a host

Mike Richards is the executive producer who provided a fascinating quote to King.

“What I find fascinating about Aaron,” said Richards, “is his second career could be better than his first.”

Rodgers is on the record as saying he prepared for this role like he was preparing for an NFL game. Being a guest host automatically put him in the running for the full-time job and he would be a  huge name to lead the franchise following Alex Trebek.

This job would still be difficult, but obviously not physically grueling like playing professional football. Rodgers would also take home a hefty salary in this new role.

Getting such a ringing endorsement from one of the show’s executive producer bodes well for Rodgers’ chances. The 37-year-old has already had a Hall of Fame career, so Richards saying his second career could be even better means a lot.

King notes how Ken Jennings could end up being Rodgers’ toughest competition for the full-time role. However, he also notes how Rodgers would likely be a bigger ratings draw for a national audience.

The guest-hosting process is a lot of fun for viewers. Meanwhile, the production company is studying each and every episode carefully as they look to find a new lead for one of the most popular franchises in the television world. Rodgers’ star power should mean he is a top candidate once this process is over.