Trevor Lawrence answers wedding registry donations with $20k pledge

After Jaguars fans flooded Trevor Lawrence’s wedding registry with donations, the quarterback pledged to give even more to charities in Jacksonville.

Former Clemson star Trevor Lawrence isn’t the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars yet, but he’s acting like it.

On Sunday, Lawrence announced a $20,000 pledge to charities in Jacksonville after Jaguars fans found his wedding registry and flooded it with gifts and donations.

Jacksonville fans started by buying Lawrence and his new wife Marissa Mowry an expensive toaster, before sending over $6,000 to a charity of their choice. It was a cool moment in an age of crowdfunding memes.

The fact that Lawrence is stepping up with a big chunk of change in response makes it all the better.

Trevor Lawrence is winning the lead up to the NFL Draft

The Jaguars have the first overall selection in the upcoming NFL Draft and Lawrence is expected to be their pick.

It’s such a done deal, Lawrence said “we hope to be a part of your community soon.”

He has a bit more to go on than hope.

New head coach Urban Meyer is banking on Lawrence to help him lift the franchise after three straight losing seasons. They’re a long way from the team that made it to the AFC Championship in 2017.

Lawrence brings an outstanding track record from his college days. He was a five-star recruit who more than lived up to the hype by winning a national title in 2018 and performing among the best players in college football throughout his career.

Jaguars fans want to see him bring some of that magic to their franchise. That may not be as simple as cutting a $20,000 check.

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