Jaguars fans raise more than $50,000 for Trevor Lawrence’s charities

Jacksonville Jaguars fans have come together to raise over $50,000 for Trevor Lawrence’s charities.

This all started when a handful of Jacksonville Jaguars fans wanted to buy Clemson football phenom Trevor Lawrence a $300 toaster as a wedding gift.

It was one of those super high-tech toasters, so you know it was legit. Once noted Jaguars fan Eric Dillard saw the toaster went unclaimed on Lawrence and Marissa Mowry’s wedding registry, he crowd sourced the funding to procure the happy couple the ultimate wedding gift. As expected, the funding got out of hand in a good way. Jaguars Twitter has now raised over $50,000 from it.

Here is an update of where the funds are going in the Toaster for Charity extravaganza.

Jaguars fans changed lives with one wedding gift for Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence will be the No. 1 overall pick by Jacksonville in the 2021 NFL Draft. He will be heading to a franchise that is currently riding a 15-game losing streak. However, he will be coached up by new NFL head coach Urban Meyer. Lawrence is seen as the best pro prospect since Andrew Luck coming out of Stanford back in 2012. He faces lofty expectations upon arrival in Jacksonville.

The good news is Lawrence is a man of the people. He is going to fit right in with a rabid Jaguars fanbase that would love nothing more than to see a winning product after nearly two decades of mostly futility. Lawrence will be the fourth first-round quarterback the Jaguars will have drafted in team history, joining Byron Leftwich, Blaine Gabbert and Blake Bortles. None were Mark Brunell.

The space toaster may have been grossly overpriced, but the end result was totally worth it.