Athletics: Bob Melvin ejected over outrageous video review (Video)

Athletics infielder Elvis Andrus. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports
Athletics infielder Elvis Andrus. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports /

The Oakland Athletics got a taste of the frustrating reality of MLB video review and manager Bob Melvin ended up paying the price.

It was a one-run game in the top of the seventh between the Athletics and the Rays. Two outs.

A dropped ball on a Tony Kemp pop fly sent Elvis Andrus racing towards home plate. The only thing standing between him and a score was a quick throw to the catcher.

Mike Zunino went for the tag. Andrus slid in. It looked like he was safe, but the umpire signaled out.

That’s okay. MLB’s replay review system is in place to fix that kind of thing. Right?

Only they didn’t. Officials really looked at this video and decided Andrus was out.

The Athletics couldn’t believe the out call at home stood after replay

A’s manager Bob Melvin understandably disagreed with the call and got himself ejected over it.

“He was safe. That was the point I was going to try to make. It was a terrible call,” Melvin said after the game, according to Alex Coffey of The Athletic.

Simply put, Melvin is right about this one. Andrus’ hand was well over the bag by the time Zunino’s glove got anywhere near him.

What is the point of replay review if the right call doesn’t get made?

Fortunately for the Athletics, the bad call didn’t impact the outcome of the game. A third run would have made the final innings easier to stomach, but Oakland came away with a 2-1 win.

It should come with a sigh of relief since Baltimore ended the team’s 13-game winning streak on Sunday. It didn’t take long for the A’s to get back to their winning ways, even if there was a bit of drama involved in getting there.

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