Did Paul Pierce move from ESPN to cannabis entrepreneur?

Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

Ex-Boston Celtics man Paul Pierce gives a not-so-subtle hint about his future career moves in an Instagram video of his weed lab.

Paul Pierce went from Celtics green to…a different kind of green.

Earlier this month, Paul Pierce was fired by ESPN after sharing inappropriate videos of himself partying, gambling, and wholly enjoying the company of strippers. After the firing, Pierce appeared totally unfazed and said, “Yo, just want to thank all my supporters and thank my haters and everything. Check it out, bigger and better things are coming.”

Pierce also posted a Twitter message, “I can’t lose even when I lose I’m winning,” which no matter how you spin it, still doesn’t make very much sense.

So here we are, at what appears to be the end of Pierce’s wonderland-esque rabbit hole mystery, and it’s…a weed factory.

Paul Pierce’s next business venture may be rooted in marijuana

In one of two videos shared to his Instagram story, Pierce was driving on a dirt path toward what he claimed was “Area 51.” In the second video, Pierce pans his camera above, revealing a sea of weed plants behind him. “We’re over in the lab, baby,” he said. “Coming soon.”

See the reposted video here:

The NBA All-Star averaged 19.7 points in his 19-year career, but it seems he’s shooting for something very different in his post-NBA retirement era. As more states legalize marijuana, Pierce could stand to rake in a lot of dough either from investing, selling, or, as is evident in his latest videos, growing the plant. If he is indeed getting his start in the cannabis industry, Pierce’s publicized experiment could backfire as terribly as his ESPN stint, but he’ll still have quite the interesting resume.

Ten-time All-Star. 2008 NBA Champion. Professional marijuana grower?

What more can you say about the man? At least he tells the truth.

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