NBA Twitter is already burying the Celtics at halftime of Game 2

Mandatory Credit: Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports /

The Boston Celtics might’ve already taken their best shot at the Brooklyn Nets in Game 1. Tuesday night is not going according to plan.

The Nets found their footing in the second half of Game 1, overcoming a brief deficit to take the opening game of the series. In Game 2, there was never a doubt.

Brooklyn scored 70 points in the first half, with all three of their superstars contributing in some kind of way. Not to mention, Brooklyn also has Blake Griffin to target on offense when they need him.

The key to the Nets success is on defense. Brooklyn has too many weapons offensively to be held up on that end of the floor. Holding the Celtics to under 50 points at the half is a major win, which will lead them to their second series victory so far with more to come.

NBA Playoffs: Fans burying the Celtics against the Nets

The Celtics faced a near 25-point deficit at halftime, marking the second straight night an NBA playoff team failed to compete in the first half. Look no further than the Miami Heat’s first half against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Of course, basketball fans everywhere had something to say at the Celtics’ expense.

There were many, many more.

Here’s to hoping the Celtics can make this a game, and for that matter, a series. If not, we’re in for some rough games ahead.

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