Villarreal makes history to become Europa League Champions following dramatic penalty shootout

Villareal players celebrate being Europa League Champions. (MICHAEL SOHN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Villareal players celebrate being Europa League Champions. (MICHAEL SOHN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

Villareal outlasted Manchester United in a tense penalty shootout to become Europa League Champions, their first major club title.

It took 98 years and 11 penalty shootout kicks, but Villareal have won a major club trophy.

On Wednesday, the Spanish side beat Manchester United on penalties to become Europa League Champions.

The end of the match was a whirlwind of suspense as the teams went to extra time and then penalty kicks. Neither side blinked as the number of kicks hit double digits and the goalkeepers had to get involved.

Villareal’s Gerónimo Rulli slotted his home. Then he saved David de Gea’s kick from the spot to give his team their greatest ever victory.

Villareal were founded in 1923. Before Wednesday, they had never won a significant trophy. Now they have some silverware to put in their trophy case.

Villareal won the Europa League Championship over Manchester United

Former Arsenal manager Unai Emery bagged his fourth Europa League title.

The scoring started with Gerard Moreno, who capped his excellent season with a goal in the 29th minute.

Edinson Cavani evened things up in the 55th minute. His goal brought the Red Devils back into the game, but It was also the last shot on target of the game, per Squawka.

What ended in ecstasy for Villareal will be a major disappointment for United. Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s men were the favorites after finishing second in the Premier League this season. The difference in historical honors and wage bills could hardly be more drastic.

They didn’t get the end to their season they hoped for, so De Gea and company will have to regroup with an eye on bigger things in the Champions League next season.

On the other hand, Villareal can celebrate this title for all its worth and look forward to adding more success under Emery.

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