Packers refuse to budge on Aaron Rodgers trade stance

The Green Bay Packers have no interest in trading quarterback Aaron Rodgers this summer.

Even with Aaron Rodgers out in Hawaii and not reporting to voluntary minicamp, the Green Bay Packers are not budging on their trade stance with the reigning NFL MVP quarterback.

This is the least surprising news you will hear all day. Green Bay would rather cut off its nose to spite its face than deal its franchise cornerstone to AFC West teams like the Denver Broncos or the Las Vegas Raiders, the two teams most connected to Rodgers in a potential high-profile blockbuster deal. Rodgers might be unhappy, but the front office really does not care at all.

With that in mind, what side blinks first in this massively publicized NFL staring contest?

Green Bay Packers refuse to consider trading Aaron Rodgers this offseason

It is simple, really. Without Rodgers, the Packers become a five-win team instantaneously. His heir apparent Jordan Love is not ready, and probably still won’t be ready come 2022 when it is time to hand over the keys to the Mercedes. Trading away Rodgers makes one of the biggest brands in the NFL completely irrelevant overnight, even if they were to land someone like Derek Carr in return.

As for who blinks first, it would have to be Rodgers. He has said his beef is with the front office and not with the players, coaches or fans. Because he would be fined $90,000 for every day he does not show up to training camp, you better believe Rodgers will suck it up and return to Green Bay with his tail between his legs, knowing that he has to deal with the Packers for one more year.

Rodgers may want out of town, but he is going to end up playing one more spite year in Green Bay.