Watch: Celtics fan throws bottle at Kyrie Irving after Game 4 (Video)


A Celtics fan throws bottle at Kyrie Irving after the Nets Game 4 win at TD Garden in Boston. 

Fans have barely been allowed back at games and already the incidents of them crossing the line are piling up.

When it was announced that a full capacity crowd was going to be allowed at the TD Garden for Game 4 of the CelticsNets playoff series, we knew things were going to get loud.

They would also get out of line and out of control.

Fans relentlessly booed Kyrie Irving as he made his way out of the tunnel before the game and only got more rowdy after the opening tip. Celtics fans pelted Irving with NFSW chants but things didn’t cross a line beyond that until after the game ended and someone tried to actually pelt Irving with a physical object.

As Irving was leaving the court after his 39-point performance in the Nets double-digit win, a Celtics fan threw what appears to be a water bottle in his direction.

Celtics fan throws bottle at Kyrie Irving

This is at least the fourth incident of fans crossing the line during these NBA Playoffs.

Russell Westbrook had a fan dump popcorn on him as he was leaving the court during the 76ers-Wizards series, and three Jazz fans were banned after they harassed Ja Morant’s family during a game in the Memphis-Utah series. The Knicks also had to take action against fans who spit at Trae Young following Game 2 of the Hawks-Knicks series at Madison Square Garden.

Now a fan in Boston has thrown a bottle at an opposing player for beating his team at a game.

Kevin Durant told fans to grow up in his postgame press conference, while Marcus Smart tried to explain it away. Fans on Twitter were offering up Kyrie seemingly wiping his foot on the Celtics logo as justification for the bottle throw.

But there’s absolutely zero reason for fans to take action against a player.

After a year in which sporting events had no fans, and it was unclear when they’d be able to return, the allure of once again being able to attend games and enjoy sports was a light at the end of the quarantine tunnel.

Yet, as soon as the light was reached many fans have used the opportunity to behave completely inappropriately and totally uncivilized. Having fans back at games was supposed to be an exciting return to normal but instead it’s been an ugly reminder of how dangerous having them there can be.