Formula 1 fans react to stunning end to Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Sergio Perez surprised us all in taking home the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, over title favorites Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Both Hamilton and Verstappen failed to secure a point in the race. Sebastian Vettel (driving an Aston Martin) was second, while Pierre Gasly finished third.

The victory was only Perez’s second in F1, making it all the more surprising for regular fans of the sport. Despite Perez’s victory, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was marred by scary crashes throughout both qualifying and the actual race itself. Thankfully, despite multiple tire failures, it appears all drivers were okay.

At one point, Hamilton looked to have second place to himself, only to suffer a tire failure on a restart, dropping him far behind the pack.

Formula 1 fans react to surprising Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Ironically enough, it was Hamilton’s impatience that eventually got the best of him. Early in the race, the veteran driver told his team that this was “a marathon, not a sprint.” But when it would have benefitted him to proceed with caution, he made a surprising error and crashed into the wall, handing the race to Perez and costing himself valuable points.

Perez, meanwhile, deserves credit for holding strong.

Meanwhile, it was a rough go online for Hamilton.

The race itself yielded a stunning result, not just due to Perez’s win, but Hamilton’s defeat at the hands of…himself.