Titans players and fans freak out over Julio Jones trade

The Tennessee Titans took Julio Jones off the Atlanta Falcons’ hand, trading a second-round pick (or more) to the ATL for his services.

The Titans’ offense is going to be downright dirty this coming season. With Jones and AJ Brown as top weapons in the passing game for Ryan Tannehill, and Derrick Henry as a buoy in the running game, I wouldn’t want to be on an opposing defense that has to go against Tennessee even once, let along twice should they be in the same division.

The Falcons, meanwhile, traded away a franchise icon for less than a first-round pick. It’s a clear win for the Titans, who land one of the best receivers in football when fully healthy and establish a win-now precedent while trying to compete with the Chiefs in the AFC.

NFL news: Social media went crazy after the Titans traded for Julio Jones

With the trade, the Titans increased their chances significantly in not just the AFC South, where they remain the favorites to win the division, but in the conference as a whole.

Look, the only way the Chiefs aren’t winning the AFC is if they get in their own way. We’ve established that fact. But, if there were to be a complete enough team to perhaps bring out the worst in Kansas City, why not Tennessee? Henry is a monster and can keep the ball out of Mahomes’ hands, and now the Titans have a solid passing game to boot.

NFL Twitter, for one, definitely overreacted to this move.

It’s gonna be a fun ride, Titans fans.