Uh oh: Trevor Lawrence having miserable time at Jaguars minicamp so far

Trevor Lawrence is going through some rookie growing pains at Jaguars minicamp.

Just when the Jacksonville Jaguars thought they had the savior of the franchise, Trevor Lawrence threw yet another pick-six during minicamp.

Outside of a few good years with Byron Leftwich, David Garrard and a few fleeting moments with Blake Bortles, Jacksonville has been chasing the ghost of Mark Brunell. The Jaguars thought they had a sure-fire, can’t-miss quarterback prospect in the former Clemson star, but after experiencing some hamstring tightness, he is throwing pick-sixes in minicamp like he is Matt Schaub.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence is struggling big time in minicamp

So how much should we be freaking out here? Okay, let’s pump the brakes a bit. It’s early June at the onset of his first minicamp.

Lawrence’s idol Peyton Manning set an NFL record for most interceptions during his rookie season with the 1998 Indianapolis Colts. It turned out pretty good for “The Sheriff”, now didn’t it? However, this is Jacksonville. Lawrence is expected to carry a moribund AFC South franchise to the promised land.

Of course, this is nothing to be alarmed about or freaking out that Lawrence is destined to be a bust. It is better for Lawrence to get those pick-sixes out of the way before the games actually count.