3 moves the Pelicans need to make to keep Zion Williamson happy

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Zion Williamson

Pelicans forward Zion Williamson. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans need to make the right moves to get back in the playoff picture and keep All-Star Zion Williamson happy.

Fresh off an underperforming season which saw the team finish with a 31-41 record, the Pelicans recently fired head coach Stan Van Gundy and the team is looking for ways to get back to the playoffs and beyond.

There was chatter star-forward Zion Williamson and his teammates were not fans of Van Gundy’s coaching style. The last thing the Pelicans want is to make their best player unhappy with their decisions this offseason. We’ve seen it happen before with Anthony Davis, and eventually he got his wish and was traded to the Lakers.

That’s not to say Williamson will do the same thing, but at some point he may consider taking his talents elsewhere if the Pelicans front office does not make the right moves to make the most of his talents.

3. Bring in the right coach to fit Zion Williamson and Pelicans.

Before making any additions on their roster, the first thing the Pelicans need to find the right head coach for their core pieces. Luckily, there are plenty of different options and coaching styles to choose from on the open market.

If the Pelicans choose to go the route of hiring a former star player to be their coach, similar to the Nets and Steve Nash, some available options could be Chauncey Billups and Jason Kidd. Both are coming off seasons as assistant coaches will likely be sought after to take the next steps in their coaching careers.

Former Portland head coach Terry Stotts has no titles, but his experience and regular season track record might be enough for New Orleans to consider giving it a shot.

If they choose to make an internal higher, it’s reported Fred Vision will be strongly considered for the opening. Vision has been with the organization since 2010, and his long ties, track record, and seniority will give him an upper hand in the hiring process.

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