Whatever happened to these 30 forgotten college football superstars?

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These college football players were big stars during their playing careers, but whatever happened to them once they left campus?

Has there ever been a player from a bygone era that you asked, “whatever happened to him?” Maybe the thought was, “wonder why he was not a better professional player.” Whichever thought you had, many players have been lost to time and history.

Fans forget players for several reasons. Some played for colleges and universities that are no longer the elite programs in the country. Unless you are a fan of that school, they can get forgotten to time.

Most players that we forget did not have stellar NFL careers. One common topic with the players on this list is injury. So many players on this list were not necessarily “busts” per se; they got hurt before their NFL careers took flight.

Many casual fans tend to view college football as a developmental league for the NFL, which it is in many ways. However, that lens makes people forget how great a player was in college because they did not have a great pro career.

Also, the game has changed so rapidly over the last decade and a half that we forget players that might not have a place in today’s landscape. It seems as if everyone is running some form of spread offense these days.

Whatever the reason may be, the collection of great college football players on this list has been lost to time and history. Hopefully, reading this list will help bring these players back to memory.

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