Trevor Bauer sexual assault allegation: Disturbing details emerge

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

New details have emerged in the sexual assault allegation against Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer via a report from The Athletic.

The allegation against Trevor Bauer emerged on Tuesday, in which he’s had a restraining order filed against him from a woman who claims they engaged in what began as consensual encounters, but quickly crossed a line.

Warning: The details of said allegation are graphic in nature, and may not be suitable for victims of sexual assault to read.

Per the victim’s lawyer, Bauer choked the woman until she became unconscious, and then penetrated her in areas she did not consent to. The following is from the woman’s statement, given under oath, which was obtained by The Athletic.

"“According to the woman’s declaration attached to the request and obtained by The Athletic, she suffered injuries as a result of the second encounter, including two black eyes, a bloodied swollen lip, significant bruising and scratching to one side of her face. In the woman’s declaration, signed under penalty of perjury of California state laws, she said that her medical notes state that she had ‘significant head and facial trauma’ and that there were signs of basilar skull fracture.”"

Trevor Bauer allegations: Police and MLB looking into the incident

Bauer and the victim reportedly engaged in two sexual encounters, both of which left the woman tending to significant injuries. Bauer’s attorney released a statement on Tuesday, in which he claims that “Mr. Bauer had a brief and wholly consensual sexual relationship initiated by [the woman] beginning in April 2021. We have messages that show [her] repeatedly asking for ‘rough’ sexual encounters involving requests to be ‘choked out’ and slapped in the face.”

The statement goes on to call the allegations “defamatory” in nature.

In a responding statement, the victim’s attorney commented on the graphic nature of their photographic evidence, and that they are encouraging Bauer to undergo therapy as a result of these serious allegations.

Bauer allegedly communicated with the woman via text after both encounters. After matters escalated, Bauer eventually acknowledged that he punched several body parts while the woman was unconscious in a police recording. A criminal investigation is ongoing, per the Pasadena PD.

Major League Baseball stated that they will investigate the matter in the coming days and weeks. The Dodgers, in response to these serious allegations, stated that they are taking this “very seriously,” but will have no further comment due to the ongoing investigation.

The original reporting on this issue was done by The Athletic. For more, read their piece here.

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