Julie Ertz gives credit to husband Zach for her quick MCL recovery

Julie Ertz has recovered just in time from an MCL injury courtesy of a little help from her famous football husband Zach Ertz.

Tokyo 2021 was very much in doubt for midfielder Julie Ertz after she suffered an MCL injury playing in the NWSL for the Chicago Red Stars. The injury occurred May 16th leaving just over two months to get ready for group play July 21 versus Sweden.

Ertz needed all hands on deck including her famous husband, tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, Zach.

“It’s awesome to always have someone there in your corner and to support you,” Ertz said. “That’s definitely a huge reason why I was able to get back as quickly as I was able to.”

Zach Ertz and Julie Ertz remain supportive of one another

The two cherish the time they get to spend time together which is infrequent for two professional athletes playing two different sports.

“I would say the hardest is our schedules by far,” Ertz said. “Different schedules is hard, being away from each other. Also that each of us want to critique each other because we feel we know something whether it’s in the lifting room or watching a game or something.”

No surprise there is from friendly competition between two professional married athletes. So who would win a field goal kicking contest?

“I would hope myself,” Julie said. “I use my feet for a living so I guess I would go with myself. He will kick with me sometimes.”

The two have been married for over four years. They have experienced a Super Bowl and a World Cup with Tokyo 2021 right around the corner.

“The best part is having someone in your corner that understands the mental side of the sport the importance of recovery the importance of nutrition the importance of sleep just the importance of your day-to-day that kind of all goes back to the outcome of how you are going to play as an athlete.”

Julie Ertz is working with Sleep Number, which is helping with her recovery and she heads towards the Olympics.