LeBron James is the most hated athlete online and it’s not even close

Lakers star LeBron James. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Lakers star LeBron James. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

A recent study shows that nobody receives more hate than LeBron James from the internet.

There are only two types of fans regarding NBA superstar LeBron James. People either hate him or love him. The 36-year-old forward has become a polarizing figure because of his superior skills on the hardwood, comparisons to Michael Jordan and his work in his community.

James is one of the most talked-about players on earth. People have plenty to say about his play, his comments on social issues, even his personal endeavors. It’s crazy to think about how many people send him messages or mention him on social media daily. From hate mail to messages of appreciation, LeBron’s inbox is probably full of messages from supporters and haters alike.

According to a recent study, James is by far one of the most hated athletes on the internet.

A study by Pickwise reveals LeBron James receives the most online abuse amongst athletes.

If you ever wanted to know just how many hateful messages LeBron James receives on a yearly basis, Pickwise has you covered. They conducted a study on how many abusive messages athletes receive, and James stood out from the rest. The Lakers star received 122,568 hateful messages online over the past 12 months. That is leaps and bound more than the next closest athlete.

The 122,568 hate messages LeBron received were almost quadruple the amount of the second-place person. Soccer player Marcus Rashford was behind James with 32,328 hateful comments sent his way online. Some other notable names on the list included Damian Lillard, Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden.

It was the assumption that LeBron James receives a lot of hate, but Pickwise’s study brings into perspective the number of vicious attacks the basketball star is subjected to. Of course, the constant criticism and heckling won’t ever stop for James, but at least he has the distinction of most hated player online — if that means anything these days.

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