Skip Bayless tweeted some serious cheap shots at Aaron Rodgers during NBA Finals

Even during the NBA Finals, Aaron Rodgers cannot catch a break from Skip Bayless’ obsessive trolling.

FS1 personality Skip Bayless is relentlessly trolling Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers during Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Rodgers is in the middle of a tumultuous NFL offseason, to say the least. With his future in Green Bay uncertain, perhaps it’s not entirely surprising Rodgers is staying out of the local spotlight. But Bayless is having none of it, insisting that as a part-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, Rodgers should be sitting courtside at Fiserv Forum.

Bayless insinuated that Rodgers’ absence might be part of the mind games he and the Packers are playing with each other as they try to sort out his contract situation.

Skip Bayless calls Aaron Rodgers a “blame-deflecting diva”

After calling out Rodgers for not being at the Bucks game, he then took his trolling even further. He criticized Rodgers’ play as Green Bay’s leader and called him a “blame-deflecting diva.”

It seems the demands are never-ending for the three-time NFL MVP. Apparently, in Bayless’ opinion, Rodgers is not allowed to have other plans on a mid-summer evening.

Regardless of what he’s actually up to tonight, we’re pretty sure Rodgers has better things to do than worry about what Bayless has to say.