Wisconsin’s entire offensive line signed a NIL deal with Mission BBQ

The Badgers O-Line is about to get that sweet, sweet Name, Image, and Likeness money with this smokin’ deal with Mission BBQ. 

The fact that collegiate athletes can make money off of NIL is one of the biggest game-changers since NCAA v. Board of Regents. Now that student-athletes are able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness, it opens the door for some pretty dope deals.

Many of these athletes follow a niche or have an interest that is exuded through their personality in and out of uniform, and NIL emphasizes that because they would have been signing these deals anyway if they play at the pro level. But because less than two percent of kids go pro, kids may not see the coin that the pros get.

So now, they get the opportunity to collect the check that they deserve while their athletic careers are still in play. This makes it even doper that the Wisconsin Badgers offensive line just got a deal with Mission BBQ.

Mission BBQ is now the official BBQ joint of Wisconsin offensive linemen

“The big boys gotta be fed”, tweeted Badgers quarterback Graham Mertz. And fed they will be, in their pockets and in their bellies, since the entire O-Line is partnered up with Mission BBQ.

This opportunity is one of the brighter things that come out of the NIL discussion, as there’s been a debate that some players may not get paid the same amount as those with big personalities.

The entire team, positions, etc. can sign joint deals with a brand, like a partnership between the O-Line and a barbecue brand, a gymnastics team, and a hair company, or the rowing team with an outdoor shop.

The partnership has to make sense, and I think this one between the Badgers and Mission BBQ is a textbook brand partnership.

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