Notre Dame’s new COVID protocols for journalists caused a circus on social media

To cover the Notre Dame football team in-person in 2021, a journalist must be fully vaccinated.

For those who want to cover the Notre Dame football team in-person this season, a journalist must be fully vaccinated.

The university has mandated this for anybody wanting to cover the Fighting Irish in any sport, whether that is at practice, in press conferences or at games. While other notable schools are likely to follow Notre Dame’s lead here, this is not going over well by some people on Twitter. They have quite the negative reaction to Brett McMurphy of Stadium’s tweet from Wednesday.

What are some college football fans saying about Notre Dame’s vaccination requirements?

Notre Dame football requires journalists to be fully vaccinated to cover team

Some people are suggesting this is a way to keep those with certain political leanings and stances on vaccinations from being on the Notre Dame campus.

A few people are suggesting why even bother covering Notre Dame at this point?

Others are making snide comments about Notre Dame’s catholic affiliation when it comes to the university’s stance on getting vaccinated.

Ultimately, this is going to be a divisive issue, as it is with anything related to COVID-19. Given that Notre Dame has the biggest fanbase of any college football program in the country, the university’s stance on having any journalist covering their team be vaccinated touches all corners of the nation. Notre Dame can make their own decisions.

While people are mad about Notre Dame’s new COVID protocols, they will have to deal with it.

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