Monty Williams comments after NBA Finals loss are heartbreaking

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Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams choked up after losing the NBA Finals to the Milwaukee Bucks in six games.

Williams is a true professional, and is one of the better stories in the modern NBA. In 2016, his wife passed away in a tragic car accident. After grieving in the spotlight, he received his opportunity in Phoenix and made the most of it, turning a young team into Western Conference champions.

That’s why, despite the Bucks technically winning the NBA Finals, there was no true loser this season. There were so many characters to root for, and Williams was near the top of the list.

Nonetheless, in the midst of accepting defeat, Monty struggled to put his feelings into words.

NBA Finals: Monty Williams shows incredible sportsmanship postgame

After losing to the Bucks in six games, Williams even went to the Milwaukee locker room to congratulate Giannis and Co.

That is sportsmanship at its best.

The Suns could very well be back in this position next season, but it depends on their offseason. Chris Paul’s pending free agent status leaves the Suns’ position as a Western Conference contender up in the air, and for good reason. The dropoff from an elite Point God to, say, Cameron Payne, is large.

Like Williams, losing such a tight Finals will take the Suns some time to process. But in the aftermath, they ought to appreciate their journey together, and perhaps run it back. This team is too talented to break up.

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