White Sox: Did Yermin Mercedes just hint at an early retirement?

Chicago White Sox slugger Yermin Mercedes just posted a cryptic Instagram story and fans are losing their minds about it. 

In what’s been an eventful year for Yermin Mercedes, it looks like he’s ready to have people guessing left and right on Wednesday thanks to his latest social media activity. What exactly is the Chicago White Sox slugger trying to tell us here?

In his new Instagram story post, Mercedes posted ‘El Retiro’ with a thinking emoji. This of course translates to ‘the retirement’ in English. Earlier this month, Mercedes was demoted to Triple-A. Now, we don’t know what’s going on in his head.

Yermin Mercedes may have just implied that he’s considering retirement

After starting off the season so well, Mercedes really struggled at the plate. This of course led to his demotion. Things really started going cold for him after his beef with skipper Tony La Russa. No one has forgotten about when La Russa blasted him for hitting a homer on a 3-0 count.

La Russa basically said he expected the Minnesota Twins to throw at him the next time the two sides faced off. Countless folks called out the veteran manager, saying he really blew things out of proportion.

Well, it clearly had an impact on Mercedes, as he was batting well under .200 after that incident and now he’s no longer in the bigs. On the year, Mercedes has appeared in 68 games for Chicago, hitting .271 with seven homers and 37 RBI.

With that said, things went south for him and fast after he made national headlines for connecting on a blast. Again, La Russa essentially became a villain for trying to make Mercedes feel so bad. Has it now led to him considering retirement?


It appears Yermin is calling it quits for now.