Demi Bagby’s first pitch at Padres game might be greatest ever

San Diego Padres. (Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
San Diego Padres. (Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

Demi Bagby’s first pitch ahead of a San Diego Padres game might be the best ever thrown.

While the San Diego Padres absolutely lost the 2021 MLB Trade Deadline, at least their fans got a nice consolation prize with Crossfit athlete Demi Bagby throwing out the greatest first pitch in the history of baseball.

This sequence was the greatest display of athleticism we have seen in San Diego since Ron Burgundy cannonballed off the diving board. Keep in mind this is the same city that once had LaDainian Tomlinson hitting pay dirt on the regular for the San Diego Super Chargers. With an aerial split we haven’t seen since David Lee Roth decided to Jump in 1984, we were impressed.

If only she could have thrown a few innings, as the Padres lost to the Colorado Rockies, 9-4.

Demi Bagby throws out the greatest first pitch in the history of baseball

On the spectrum of George W. Bush throwing a strike for America after 9/11, to Dr. Anthony Fauci spiking the ball into the mound in the nation’s capital, what Bagby accomplished deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom. It does not matter if the pitch went for a ball or a strike, it was the greatest delivery since Lloyd Christmas brought Mary


Swanson her suitcase to Aspen.

Simply put, Bagby just did more for her native San Diego than Bill Walton ever did in Clippers uniform. That’s okay, as greatest color commentator to ever grace Planet Earth was already a multi-time champion by then. While it is a shame that the Max Scherzer trade did not work out and a major bummer that Fernando Tatis Jr. got hurt, San Diego will always have this first pitch.

Like noted motorcycle enthusiast Jack Black and that burrito, we don’t even know what just hit us.

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