Lakers fans are thrilled with Rob Pelinka’s moves so far in Free Agency

Los Angeles Lakers fans were big-time celebrating the moves general manager Rob Pelinka made at the start of free agency.

The Lakers were one of the biggest movers in the trade market when they made a deal for Russell Westbrook. Now they’re among the most active in free agency.

General manager Rob Pelinka has his star-studded trio. The arrival of free agency gave him a chance to add role players. He didn’t hold back.

Los Angeles brought back a trio of familiar faces including forward Trevor Ariza from the Heat, guard Wayne Ellington from the Pistons and center Dwight Howard from the 76ers.

Lakers fans were full of praise for Rob Pelinka in free agency

Pelinka was hailed as a genius for his moves.

People couldn’t help but make jokes about Pelinka “getting the gang back together.”

LeBron just likes playing with older guys, apparently.

It wasn’t all rainbows for Lakers fans, though. Pelinka did face some criticism for letting beloved guard Alex Caruso leave for the Bulls.

The Lakers are loaded, but will they play defense?

Even if there’s skepticism over Caruso and the others, fans are looking forward to what might come next.

Los Angeles is trying to rebound from their disappointing first-round exit from the 2021 playoffs at the hands of the Suns.

The team that won the 2020 NBA Championship now looks quite a bit different outside of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Pelinka and company are making some gambles this offseason by leaning on veterans, but it could all pay off if the team makes it back to the NBA Finals. The window with James, who is 36 years old, won’t be open for much longer.