Cowboys’ trailer for Hard Knocks looks amazing for this summer

This Dallas Cowboys’ trailer for HBO’s Hard Knocks should get you pumped for this season.

Check out this trailer for the Dallas Cowboys appearing on this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

This will be the Cowboys’ third time on the popular HBO series documenting NFL training camp. While no team that has ever appeared on Hard Knocks has gone onto win the Super Bowl in the same season, “America’s Team” is hoping to buck the trend. The Cowboys are arguably the most talented team in the NFC East, and anything short of a division title would be a disappointment.

This 50-second clip should have Cowboys fans chomping at the bit for football season to arrive.

Check out the Dallas Cowboys’ first trailer for this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks

While the most popular team in North America can make anything interesting, there are several important storylines surrounding the Cowboys entering training camp. This is Mike McCarthy’s second season as head coach. After a disastrous 2020 campaign, you can easily say he is on the hot seat. Dak Prescott is coming back from injury and Dan Quinn is the new defensive coordinator.

Prescott will absolutely be shown in a positive light, while Quinn’s infectious energy will be peppered with redundant cliches throughout. Other players such as wide receiver CeeDee Lamb will take advantage of being on a big stage in the lead-up to his second season out of Oklahoma. How training camp goes will signify how the Cowboys’ upcoming 2021 season could look like.

When in doubt, you best put the Cowboys on Hard Knocks to attract the biggest audience possible.