Massive lighting storm above Phillies stadium offers breathtaking views (Video)

Before the ensuing rain delay at the Phillies/Dodgers game, Mother Nature gave a breathtaking light show. 

Rain delays suck. It can be a serious Debbie downer, especially last season when we waited so long just to be met with a rain delay. It’s even worse when you make it all the way to the stadium just for the game to be cancelled before it even starts.

It happens to every team at least once, but it doesn’t make it fun by any means. But sometimes there’s a beautiful silver lining in the chaos.

In the midst of a rain delay at Citizen’s Bank Stadium, the Phillies got a photogenic display of nature’s wrath and beauty

For the Philadelphia Phillies, they became the most recent recipients of the dreaded rain delay in their matchup against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The clouds started to roll in, bringing the darkness with it. It seems like impending doom to the untrained eye, but for the Phillies, that’s just baseball weather.

While some might begin to make an exit at the sights of flickers and flashes from the sky, others take advantage of watching Mother Nature work her magic. Though it is scary in real time, in slow-mo it’s another story.

Terrifying? Maybe. A great shot? Definitely.

Peak hurricane season, mixed with the terrors that are summer thunderstorms makes for a pretty photogenic light show. Now all we’re missing is a loud church bell and the Undertaker to make this not just terrifying, but a downright nightmare to remember.