Joe Schobert’s wife breaks news of trade to Steelers in best way

Jaguars middle linebacker Joe Schobert is being traded to the Steelers. (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports)
Jaguars middle linebacker Joe Schobert is being traded to the Steelers. (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) /

Joe Schobert’s wife broke the news of the veteran linebacker’s trade from the Jaguars to the Steelers with an awesome message to Pittsburgh fans.

The Steelers just picked up a veteran linebacker in Joe Schobert from the Jaguars.

The news is big enough, but how it broke is even cooler.

Schobert’s wife was the first one to hint at the trade on Twitter with a cool nod to Steelers fans.

“Yinz are going to love this!!” Megan Schobert tweeted.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network confirmed Schobert’s very credible report on Twitter shortly after, in case anyone was skeptical about her sourcing.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN spoke to Schobert as well. While the trade isn’t official yet, Schobert called Pittsburgh a” great place to play behind that D-line.”

Let’s be honest, Megan’s reporting was the best of the bunch for tossing in some local flavor. “Yinz” is part of the cultural dialect in Western Pennsylvania meaning “you ones.”

Joe Schobert is just what the Steelers needed at linebacker

The Wisconsin product has played five seasons in the NFL after being drafted by the Browns in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He was a Pro Bowl selection in 2017 and has featured in the Top 10 for combined tackles three times. Last year, he ranked fourth.

Last April, the Jaguars signed Schobert to a five-year deal worth $53.75 million. The Steelers add him with most of that contract remaining, so he will come with a fairly hefty price tag.

Schobert will come in and immediately strengthen Pittburgh’s linebacker corps while helping to replace second-leading tackler Vince Williams, who retired after last season. Pairing up with Devin Bush means the Steelers shouldn’t have to worry at inside linebacker for the foreseeable future.

As for what the Jaguars will get back in return, that has yet to be revealed.

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