Steelers fan brawl erupts at Heinz Field after woman slaps man in the face (Video)

Yinzers don’t take kindly to confrontation during a Steelers game. During Pittsburgh’s second preseason game against the Lions, a fight broke out in the stands.

All it took was one slap.

A verbal confrontation between what looked to be two Steelers fans expanded to multiple rows, when a female Pittsburgher slapped a man in the face. It is unbeknownst to us what was said in the heat of battle, but something set this woman off, leading to an all-out brawl.

Said man did not take kindly to being slapped, and looked as though he was ready to fire back. The laws of the land forbid such contact, and the woman’s companion stepped in to get in the way.

Steelers looked impressive in third preseason game vs the Lions

The Steelers on-field product was far more successful than whatever took place in the stands. Saturday was out first look at Ben Roethlisberger in what may be his final season in the black and gold.

Big Ben lit Detroit up, throwing for a perfect passer rating and two touchdown passes. While the Lions aren’t expected to be a playoff team, it’s still an encouraging sign given how last season ended in Pittsburgh.