Applebee’s commercial is driving NFL fans crazy during Cowboys-Bucs

NFL fans were getting sick and tired of that Applebee’s commercial during Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Dallas Cowboys game on Thursday.

NFL fans were ecstatic for the start of the 2021 season on Thursday night. It may not have been their favorite teams playing, but any football fan was going to watch the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Dallas Cowboys.

While the game featured plenty of entertaining plays, fans dreaded when the contest went to a commercial break. They hated it because they would have to sit through that Applebee’s advertisement, featuring the song “Fancy Like” by country singer Walker Hayes.

Below is the commercial in question, in case you missed it. If NFL fans had to deal with it during the game, then so do you.

NFL fans absolutely hated that Applebee’s commercial during Cowboys-Bucs

To be fair, Applebee’s did accomplish their goal of getting everyone to remember their advertisement. What, you have to give it to them.However, it came at the expense of all viewers who are going to have that song stuck in their heads when they try to get some sleep tonight.

As for the commercial in question, it currently has over 2,900 thumbs up and over 1,500 thumbs down on YouTube. The “Fancy Like” song, however, is currently the top song on the country charts on iTunes.

For those NFL fans that hated this commercial with a passion, it is safe to say that they need to brace themselves by having their fingers on the remote at all times during NFL games. We have a feeling it will have some significant airtime.