5 keys for Bears to beat Rams this Sunday

Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears
Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears. (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports) /

If the Chicago Bears want to beat the Los Angeles Rams, these five things have to happen.

No, it will not be easy, but the Chicago Bears may have what it takes to spoil the Los Angeles Rams‘ season opener at SoFi Stadium on Sunday Night Football.

You better believe we will have been waiting all day for this Sunday Night Football game. Not only does it feature two of the seven NFC playoff teams from a season ago, but it potentially has two marquee quarterbacks making their regular-season debuts with their new teams. Technically, it could be three, but that might be what it takes for the Bears to ruin the Rams evening in Week 1.

If the Bears want to come out of Los Angeles with a Week 1 victory, these things have to happen.

Chicago Bears: 5 keys to victory vs. the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night

5. Feel free to improvise if you do not think Matt Nagy’s play call will cut it

If the unmitigated disaster that was the Bears’ preseason game vs. the Buffalo Bills is still fresh in your mind, you are not alone. This was one of the games where you honestly felt that Bears head coach Matt Nagy had money on himself as the first head coach to be fired this season. It was that bad, and we all saw what happened during Mitchell Trubisky’s triumphant return to Soldier Field.

So what I am saying is if Nagy tries to go full-blown galaxy brain in a game of football chess with Sean McVay, feel free to ad-lib a bit on an offensive play call to go help you win. He may be an Andy Reid disciple, but what have the Bears done offensively since he has been there that leads us to believe things are going to change for Chicago? Don’t ad-lib constantly, but do it occasionally.

When is the right time to go a tad off-script? How about when a bad play design breaks down or you can feel an Aaron Rodgers-level eye roll coming on in the back of your skull? The best part in all of this is if the ad-lib blows up in your face, Nagy will get blamed. Should it work though, yes, he will get credit, but it will go a long way towards the Bears hanging with the Rams in this one.

This going off-script sort of thing should only be used sparingly when the game is on the line.