Florida football: Gators pass-rusher makes terrible mistake of challenging Alabama

People know better than to challenge Alabama football, except for Florida defender Brenton Cox Jr.

In case you don’t know, the Alabama Crimson Tide boasts an elite championship-level football team that is up for any challenge. Florida’s Brenton Cox Jr decided that he wanted to issue one, which was a big mistake on his part.

The pass rusher was full of confidence when he talked about his team being ready for Alabama. That’s fine, as it’s important to have confidence as an underdog. Then, however, he went a bit too far with his thoughts on his opponent.

‘We’re ready, of course. The big question is are they ready?’

Good lord, have mercy. Did he just say that? Does he not understand who he’s talking about? This isn’t Florida State, who, by the way, sports a 0-2 record, nor is it Tennessee for that matter. This is the reigning national champions, headed by a quarterback on fire, an explosive offense, and an excellent defense beyond comprehension.

Moreover, Alabama head coach Nick Saban boasts more than twice as many national championships by himself (7) than the University of Florida has as a school (3). This isn’t some walk in the park here. This is the most elite team in the country.

Brenton Cox Jr better back up his talk with a strong performance and a Florida upset.

If Brenton Cox Jr isn’t aware of this, would someone please remind him that the Crimson Tide leads the all-time series between the two schools at 26-14 and have won nine straight times against them, including three straight SEC Championships?

That said, he can talk what he wants, but his team will have to pull off the upset, and he must have a dominant day himself if he wants his words to come off as prophetic as opposed to pathetic.

We will be watching Saturday to see if Cox delivers through on his promise, but we can be assured that this message has already made its way to the Crimson Tide locker room and been placed on the board as motivation.

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