George Kittle christens Iowa as Tight End University on Sunday Night Football

George Kittle proclaims the Iowa football program to be home of Tight End University.

George Kittle may catch passes from Jimmy Garoppolo these days on the San Francisco 49ers, but he knows where he came from: Tight End University.

During the player introduction portion of Sunday Night Football in Week 3, the former Iowa football player christened his alma mater as the home of Tight End University. With Kittle, Noah Fant of the Denver Broncos and T.J. Hockenson of the Detroit Lions all having success in the NFL, they are doing their part to hold up their end of the bargain of Iowa being Tight End University.

Who would have thought Kittle would find a way to upstage Butte Community College in this one?

George Kittle asserts his alma mater’s dominance as Tight End University

It is a great time to be an Iowa Hawkeye. Luka Garza is playing in the NBA, Kittle is balling out with the 49ers and Kirk Ferentz’s team is the No. 5 team in the country entering Week 5. Under Ferentz, Iowa is known for its great offensive linemen, but we have overlooked the tight end position far too long. Iowa has given us Kittle, Fant, Hockenson and most notably, Dallas Clark.

San Francisco might be solid, but Iowa might be great enough to win the Big Ten this season.