Kyle Kuzma shouldn’t be allowed to tweet about the COVID-19 vaccine

Former Los Angeles Laker Kyle Kuzma tweets misinformation about COVID-19 vaccine confidentiality, showing the NBA world that he has no idea how HIPAA works.

After years of the “doctor-patient confidentiality” concept being thrown around on medical soap operas, the concept has been watered down into something unrecognizable.

Lately, professional athletes seem to think that disclosing their vaccination status to media is a violation of HIPAA, the medical code that legally enforces medical professionals to keep medical information private. Former Laker Kyle Kuzma has apparently hitched his wagon to this train of misinformation, strongly implying that his refusal to disclose his vaccination status is just “following HIPAA”.

Unless Kuzma moonlights as a medical professional, HIPAA doesn’t apply to him whatsoever.

Kyle Kuzma clearly doesn’t understand how HIPAA works in COVID-19 vaccine tweet

Kuzma’s point is that just because he doesn’t disclose his vaccination status doesn’t mean he’s anti-vaccination, which is perfectly fair — it’s just something that doesn’t involve HIPAA.

Kuzma doesn’t have to abide by HIPAA; his doctors do. But he isn’t the first pro athlete to make this embarrassing gaffe.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dan Prescott ignited the trend back in July when a reporter asked about his vaccination status.

“I think that’s HIPAA,” Prescott smiled slyly, although he clearly having no idea what he was talking about.

The truth about Kuzma’s vaccination status was made rather evident when Dennis Schroder revealed that he was the only unvaccinated Laker last season. This season, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka declared that all 2021 Lakers will be fully vaccinated on opening night. Kuzma, who was traded away to the Washington Wizards this summer, is now teammates with the unvaccinated Bradley Beal.