Cubs take advantage of Pirates being terrible, steal a run (Video)

The Pittsburgh Pirates are among the worst teams in baseball for a reason. The Cubs are bad, but they’re not Pirates bad.

Because of this, the Cubs were able to take advantage of bad Pirates defense for the second time this season.

The first, of course, was when Javy Baez humiliated first baseman Will Craig in a play that pretty much cemented his career as a minor-league talent. On Thursday night, the Cubs embarrassed the Pirates one last time before the end of the 2021 season.

Crediting the Cubs for that miscue is bold, but it’s in the scouting report that the Bucs are…bad defensively, to say the least.

Cubs: Ian Happ steals a run against Pirates

Happ was trying to steal second on the play, but in the end he was nothing more than a distraction while the Cubs scored another run. Chicago was already up 5-0 on the game.

The Pirates had two outs, so theoretically they could’ve just tagged Happ out before the runner crossed home plate. Instead, Cole Tucker threw home as he saw the base-rummer flashing towards the plate. He did not have to do so.

Tucker’s bad throw ensured a run scored, and that Happ was safe at second. Oh, the 2021 Pirates. We’ll miss you.