Brewers: Craig Counsell squarely to blame for Game 3 defeat

Brewers manager Craig Counsell got it wrong during Milwaukee’s Game 3 defeat to the Braves when he took Freddy Peralta out of the game.

The Milwaukee Brewers are in danger of being knocked out of the MLB playoffs because of their Game 3 loss to the Braves at Truist Park.

The Braves took a 2-1 series lead with a 3-0 win. All three of their runs came immediately after Brewers manager Craig Counsell took starter Freddy Peralta out of the game after four innings.

To put it simply: Counsell got it wrong.

Craig Counsell blew it by pulling Freddy Peralta early

Peralta had thrown just 57 pitches when Counsell took him out for pinch hitter Daniel Vogelbach in the top of the fifth. Vogelbach grounded into a fielder’s choice and Milwaukee ended the inning without driving in a run.

The pinch-hitting decision wasn’t egregious for the circumstances. Counsell was trying to take advantage of runners on third and second. The problem is the gamble had drastic consequences on the other end of the inning.

Peralta’s replacement, Adrian Houser, immediately gave up two singles and set up Joc Pederson’s game-winning three-run homer.

Even if the Brewers had come out of the top of the fifth with a run or two, the cost of not having Peralta on the mound was greater.

It turned out, the potential reward for a Vogelbach at-bat wasn’t nearly good enough to justify the risk of taking out Peralta before it was necessary.

Counsell could have used more production from his offense. A lot of things could have gone better in Game 3. Still, the most significant decision surrounded Peralta and the manager has to own the result.