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Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers
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Philadelphia 76ers: What will happen with Ben Simmons?

The situation between Simmons and the 76ers has already deteriorated to the point where the talented Australian is accruing fines from his team. The chances of him ever suiting up in a Philly uniform again seem remarkably low.

That doesn’t mean the 76ers front office is close to finding a resolution to the Simmons situation. GM Daryl Morey wants premium assets in return for his young All-Star. That stance flies in the face of the reality that Simmons’ lack of shooting ability makes him an incredibly awkward fit for teams interested in building a modern NBA offense.

The more subtle question to answer here is whether or not Philadelphia can find a deal that will improve them this season by bringing a player who is a better fit around their current personnel into the fold via trade. That’s not a given. There’s also a chance they’ll be forced to accept a package built largely around future draft capital.

One way or another, a Simmons trade is largely going to define the 76ers’ chances of growing into legitimate title contenders this year. Don’t be shocked if Simmons finds a way to waste another year of Joel Embiid’s prime on his way out the door.